School Alert & Lockdown Systems & Critical Incident Procedure Management Solutions – We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of Lockdown Alert & Bell Systems for Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Did you know our Public Address and Alert Systems have Class Change Software built in for FREE.
Call Us For A Free Demo / Quote On Our NEW 3 IN 1 Speaker Alert Lockdown System – That allows you to Alert Your Pupils & Staff at a touch of a button so they know what to do in the event of an emergency – Our Speakers Display Perfect Time For Class Change – You can also use as a P.A system should you need to get a message to an individual class room or to the the whole of the school.
Why spend valuable money on a separate public address & alert system – when you can have 1 that does it all?
Call 01257 252002 and book your free onsite School Alert Lockdown demonstration today.

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Our Systems

  • Lockdown Alert Systems

    Our clock systems can also be used to provide an emergency school lockdown solution

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  • School Bell Systems

    We offer a complete range of wireless indoor and outdoor school bells and sounders

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  • Public Address Systems

    Adding microphones to our master clock solution also creates a perfect PA system

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  • Wireless School Clocks

    Wireless clocks can be added at any time to complement your master clock system

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  • School Visitor Sign-in Systems

    Manage your visitor, staff and student sign in and registration.

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Indicate Class Change Times

Class change times can be amended at the click of a button

Multiple Sounds for Any Event

Don't be confused by using one tone, with our system you can have tones or voices

Wireless & Network Units Mean Less Cables

Cables don’t need to run to our wireless Harmony units

Broadcast Important Messages

Inform pupils and staff at the press of a button

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