Lockdown Alert Systems

Our Harmony School Lockdown and alert system enables you to broadcast live messages via your smart phone using our FREE app, or a microphone as well as pre-recorded voice alerts that can broadcasted on your smart phone by a series of panic buttons.

  • Lock down
  • Dangerous Dog
  • Disturbance In Local Community
  • Major Fire In Close Proximity
  • Intruder On School Grounds

Our unique PA system features a unique built in Class Change system, and will run on your existing IT network or our sub network which can be configured for only class change system. The system uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) which powers the system so no need for power supplies to each speaker making the system easy to install and scalable.


Multi Button Control Panel 4 or 8 Buttons

Alert Lockdown 4 button Remote Control

Indoor Speaker

Flashing Beacon

The school lockdown app is available from us free to work with the lock down system, so that all teachers / staff members have the ability to put the school into a lockdown state instantly. e.g Button 1 could be set up with a tone then a voice over to indicate this is school lock down alert, Button 2 then can be set up with a tone then a voice over the say “alert all clear” etc. Button 3 could be setup for “wet play today”, and Button 4 could be set with “site manager please report to reception”.

Our School lockdown system can be used as a public address system for FREE with our unique voice over app, that can be downloaded to your smart phone to get those important messages across to individual areas or rooms.
Or if you prefer we have various microphones that can be used to meet your requirements.

Also play music though your system on school event days.


The Harmony system advantages –

  • The system can broadcast live messages and emergency alerts or announcements through a microphone, mobile (pre-record then send) or phone via GSM.
  • School Lockdown / Alert message can be activated at the press of a button (via remote or phone multi functional keypad)
  • Harmony -Alert TRIO Speaker which Flashes With Alert and displays LED Messages Eg Alert / School In Lockdown / Don’t Forget To Safe Distance
  • Special Schools – Flashing Beacon (These can Flash Red in lockdown, Green in Clear of lockdown)
  • Programmed class change bell / sounds can be produced
  • It has the ability to zone buildings
  • It comes with 18 pre-loaded bell soundings and has the ability to hold 30 MP3 bell soundings
  • The sounders can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and can also be used indoor or outdoor
  • The system is able to synchronise with clocks, giving accurate timing
  • It also has a 4 Button Control Box which enables the user to activate bells or messages immediately through the press of a button
  • The system can broadcast music from SD cards, USB’s and CD’s at special events
  • Play Live Internet Radio

Why not call us for a free onsite demo on our complete lockdown system, all of our equipment carries ISO quality accreditation for piece of mind.

Please see some of case studies on local schools that we have worked with.

New Harmony -TRIO Speaker With Flash & Alert LED Messages


  • Bell notifying breaks  and class changes
    easy to program
  • Audio emergency notification using pre-recorded messages
  • Audio streaming
  • Public announcement with microphone


  • Attracts attention on the displayed message
  • Possibility to use it as a silent alert


  • Displays an accurate time (NTP) reliable and identical on each Harmonys
  • Broadcast customised text messages which can be fixed or scrolling when needed
  • Power supply: PoE+

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