Lockdown Alert Systems

Our Harmony School Lockdown and alert system enables you to broadcast live messages via your smart phone using our FREE app, or a microphone as well as pre-recorded voice alerts that can broadcasted on your smart phone by a series of panic buttons.

The ATS School Lockdown System advantages

  • The system can broadcast live messages and emergency alerts or announcements through a microphone, mobile (pre-record then send) or phone via GSM.
  • School Lockdown / Alert message can be activated at the press of a button (via remote or phone multi functional keypad)
  • Harmony – Alert TRIO Speaker which Flashes With Alert and displays LED Messages Eg Alert / School In Lockdown / Don’t Forget To Safe Distance.
  • Special Schools – Flashing Beacon / or each speaker flashes with white LED.
  • Programmed class change bell / sounds music can be produced.
  • It has the ability to be zoned through out buildings.
  • It comes with 18 pre-loaded bell soundings and has the ability to hold 30 MP3 bell soundings
  • The sounders can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and can also be used indoor or outdoor
  • The system is able to synchronise with clocks, giving accurate timing
  • It also has a 4 Button Control Box which enables the user to activate bells or messages immediately through the press of a button
  • The system can broadcast music from SD cards, USB’s and CD’s at special events
  • Play Live Internet Radio


  • Bell notifying breaks  and class changes
    easy to program
  • Audio emergency notification using pre-recorded messages
  • Audio streaming
  • Public announcement with microphone


  • Attracts attention on the displayed message
  • Possibility to use it as a silent alert


  • Displays an accurate time (NTP) reliable and identical on each Harmonys
  • Broadcast customised text messages which can be fixed or scrolling when needed
  • Power supply: PoE+
  • In the event of an alert scrolling messages appear on each speaker

Our unique PA system features a unique built in alert system,

At the touch of a button you can broadcast

  • Alert tone with a lock down voice over.
  • That there’s dangerous dog on premises.
  • That there’s a disturbance in the local community.
  • Major Fire In Close Proximity.
  • Intruder On School Grounds.
  • Gas or Water leak.
  • Critical Incident site.
  • Class Change Times.
  • Each sounder is connected via PoE (Power over Ethernet) which powers the system.
  • Easy to install and scalable.
  • Free APP to use as public address
  • Free APP to use pre-recorded messages
  • Free APP to stream music

Network I.P Multi Button Alert / Lockdown Control Panel 4 or 8 Buttons (operate up to 4 or 8 tones of music and alert  voice over messages)

Wireless remote control key fob allows you to broadcast upto 4 messages.

IP Public Address Microphone with 8 or 15 zones or a digital speaker number selector

A Critical Incident Procedure can be activated through mobile phone using our GSM/4G control box.

Internal IP PoE sounders

We have a range of indoor and outdoor loud sounders each with individual volume controls which can be adjusted from our control software.

I.P Flashing Alert Beacons

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