Wireless School Clocks

Wireless School Clocks can be added at any time to complement your wireless master clock system, we offer a full range of different types of clocks and sizes and bespoke designs, which can be seen from different distances and are available in indoor and outdoor models.

Our unique wireless clocks completely synchronise with our wireless master clock system, every day, every year, without fail…


Wireless Analogue Clocks

  • These are available in 3 sizes 30cm, 40cm & 60cm, with hour and minute display, and with second hand as an option.
  • There are 4 different types of bezels, white or black as standard and aluminium and chrome as optional.
  • The clock faces are available in 3 styles which are: – Arabic (numbered 1 -12), Notches and DIN figures.

When choosing a clock we feel that it is important that you get the right clock and that it can be seen clearly once it’s fitted, please find our guide below:

  • 30cm size Analogue Clocks can be seen from up to 20m away.
  • 40cm size Analogue Clocks can be seen from up to 30m away.
  • 60cm size Analogue Clocks can be seen from up to 60m away.

**We can also provide single sided locking fixtures to prevent boat rolling and theft, and double and single sided brackets for wall mounts and chain brackets for suspended clocks.

Large External LED Clocks
these clocks can synchronise with your class change or school lock down alert system. Viewing distances 60m, 90m, 120m and 200m available in a range of LED colours.

Countdown Clocks
Available in various sizes complete with wireless count down control for internal and external use.

Wireless LCD Clocks

The standard clocks are available with digits 7cm & 14 cm in height.

Wireless LED Clocks
These are available with digit heights 5cm ,7 cm & 12 cm and larger display poa.