Get a Wireless School Class Change Bell / Synchronised Bells Solution installed without running any cables. Please click on media player below to hear some examples:
  • The Wireless master clock is easy to install.
  • Class Change times can be easily amended at the click of a button.
  • Up to 16 Melodies / sounds can be stored in each wireless melody.
  • Each internal melody has a volume control and a maximum volume of 90dB.
  • IP 54 Rated ( Waterproof ) High power melodies are available with a volume control of up to 100dB.
  • Needs only main operated power (240V) or 24V DC power supply to each melody.
  • No cables need to be run to each melody.
  • Once set up you will never have to change the time on the master clock ever again.
  • Summer and winter change over times will be done automatically.
  • The master clock can work independently or pick its time up from the sky via satellite, or if you have the modular master clock this can accept an network time protocol (NTP) input from a server via the internet.
  • Special Light Flashing and Sound Speakers available for special schools
  • Maintenance Free

Broadcast School Emergency Lock down Messages

The Master clock system can play a vital part in your School Emergency Lock down Procedure, at the press of a button you can broadcast emergency voice over messages across your school or campus.

For example, to inform all teachers and pupils of emergency situations such as “Lock Down” in the event of a Fire Arms / Weapons Alert, or broadcast any chosen pre recorded message Please Vacate Building”, “Gas Leak Alert / Electrical Fault Evacuate Buildings as soon as possible”, “Dangerous Dog” “All Clear” etc.

The wireless master clock has the option of having 4 external buttons that can each be pre-programmed to broadcast messages across.

Wireless Class Change Solution

The Wireless Master Clock has a unique function as a school bell system as; wireless bells or melodies can be strategically placed around the school learning hubs.

Each melody’s sounding times can then be programmed from your computer to play a particular sound MP3 or voice over at given times e.g. “can pupils now report to your reception class”

Up to 16 different sounds can be up loaded into each melody, which then can be programmed to be played at different times throughout the day.

Broadcast Important Messages

The Wireless Bells System can also be used to educate pupils / staff at the press of a button to activate a voice over message of non-emergency issues such as “Wet breaks”, “Caretaker Report To Reception” etc.

The Master Clock Can Also Link Into Your Schools Public Address System

If you already have a public address system throughout your school, the Master clock can link directly to it create a perfect school bell system without running any more cables.

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