School Safe Distancing Solutions

Our School safe distancing solutions allow you to record and play important announcements to your school children, pupils and students to remember to safe distance when they are moving round the school, or taking breaks or leaving for the day from school though our range of harmony speakers or our public address solutions.

Our safe distancing systems come complete with software to allow you to record a unique tone or a piece of music along with the headteachers voice-over reminding purples to safe distance.

Our systems help remind staff and pupils to maintain safe distances from other pupils when walking round the school.

Our School safe distancing systems also allow you to control class change. E.g same year pupils could have staggered breaks and lunch times if needed, as well  as different years also having staggered times.

The auto time systems alert system is perfect for use in any type of school nursery, reception infant, junior and high school as the staggered break time announcements can be tailored to the school age group.
we have some schools that have the music from the Frozen movie playing then the headteacher announcement for class change – which helps with social distancing.

How does our School safe distancing solutions work

Firstly we have install a  change piece of software which is enables you to upload all your class change and staggered class change and break time announcements to.

Our system software then connects to our intelligent ip / Poe speakers which store your class / change  announcements.

Each speaker can store 30 announcement alert messages on, these have a loud volume up to 90db for internal speakers and external speaker come with a twin horn so messages can be broadcasted in two directions and the volume is 110db which is very loud.

Each speaker has its own volume control and can be addressable via our range of PA microphones.

Our installations really simple as each speaker just needs a network point –  our speakers sit comfortably on the school network to work.  School IT welcomes the fact that our  systems don’t take up hardly any computer bandwidth  as small packets of data is sent out to each speaker to tell it what and when to play your class change announcements. -Simple.

Our school class change system also is perfect for putting your school into lockdown in the event of an incident taking place – We supply a free app which can be down loaded on to each staff member’s phone. So a lockdown can be controlled.

If you already have a PA system?

Our hardware can connect directly into your public address system to broadcast your messages on time.