Our System Can Look After Your Schools Critical Incident Procedure

Having a Critical Incident Procedure

It is good practise for Schools, Colleges and Businesses to have a Critical Incident Procedure in place to allow for clear and precise routine to happen should such an occasion occur.

A critical incident refers to a sudden, unexpected occurrence that puts a person or people’s safety at risk. The incident falls outside of the range of a Business or School’s day today running. If the critical incident goes unaddressed, it may lead to injury or death.

With our Bodet Harmony system you can put a strong and clear message, internally or externally to your premises in an instant. The new Trio speaker does this in three ways:

  • Visual scrolling message of the warning.
  • Visual white flashing light to attract attention.
  • Audio pre-recorded message spoken through the speaker.

You can raise the alarm in several ways to:

  • Microphone / PA System

  • Pre-recorded message at the touch of a button

  • Remote control fob

  • Using a mobile phone

Your Critical Incident Procedure can be broadcasted through our range of harmony intelligent sounders, which are available for internal and external usage.

Create a alert through our LED messaging & Time Display Sounders We also have LED flashing beacons which can also be used to create a silent internal or external alert.

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