Our system featured in BBC online article

A system that we have had installed for a number of years at a school in Huddersfield has been mentioned in an online BBC article.

Teaching Union NASUWT has called for schools to implement Lockdown plans to safeguard pupils and staff in the event of a situation arising.

Our customer Reinwood Junior School is featured as it carries out a Lockdown drill twice a year and use our unique Lockodown system to do this. From the push of a button a pre-recorded vocal message (to stop confusion) is broadcast across the school. Pupils then get under desks, teachers lock doors, lights are turned off and window shutters are pulled down.

Ian Darlington, Year Six teacher at the school, said it was better to practise so that it “almost becomes second nature” to the pupils.

“Initially it might appear that we are raising concerns, raising children’s fears, but in actual fact they’re quite calm doing it now,” he said.

“They understand the importance of doing it and it doesn’t worry them.”

To read the article in full please click here.

The schools Lockdown drills also feature in another online article which can be found here.

Source: BBC online & Examiner Live.