Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new ATS School Lockdown Systems website.

We hope you enjoy the experience of browsing through our new range of School Lockdown systems  & synchronised clock and class change / alert systems specially designed for schools.
We have installed and maintained School Alert and clock and bell systems for over 33 years , and going back in time to our earlier class change systems that were installed where a series of cables had to be installed around the whole school to make the school bells and clocks time synchronised. This proved to be a labour intensive and costly exercise but cutting edge at the time…. But we can say the ATS bells & clock systems are still working today.
Today we are still committed the same as in the old days to offer the s cutting edge technology with the ISO & CE quality as expected. Our company also offers a first class level of service and support.
It is imperative that we maintain this level of service (please read our case studies)

Our school alert and lockdown systems can be easily installed and offer many benefits such as synchronising wall clocks to the school bells.
So each time a bell / or class change sound is broadcasted the clocks tell the exact time. All systems are synchronised 100% though out GPS.
As well as providing your school with a system to manage a school lockdown procedure to ensure the correct message is broadcasted to ensure the safeguarding of staff and pupils.

Society has changed over the years so we much adapt to this change and in the event of an emergency our school bell systems have the option to broad a lock down / Alert throughout the school at the touch of a button or via your phone.

Public addressing and alerting school pupils of an incident or message has always been an issue to get this clear and concise manor.

Why upgrade your old PA system when you could potentially just add this feature to your school alert lockdown / bells system free of charge. (with the PA Talk or Notify App)

Thank you

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