Developing Dynamic Lockdown guidance note

NaCTSO (National Counter Terroism Security Office) & NPCC (National Police Chiefs’ Council) released a guidance note on Developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures.

This note gives guidance on how to develop procedures in response to a fast moving incident at a site or in the immediate  vicinity.

The guidance also notes how to achieve dynamic lock down, as well as how to let people know what’s happening during a lockdown. This includes having a dedicated lockdown alarm tone

The Lock Down Systems that we provide are unique and purpose built for dealing with a lockdown situation. You can set off a site wide alarm tone or even vocal message to let people know exactly what is happening around a site, as well as getting live messages broadcast on the attached P.A System.

To read this Guidance Note in full, you can follow the link here.

To find out more about unique fit for purpose lockdown systems, please follow the link here.