Equipment Installed

– Masterclock System

– GPS Antenna

– Digital Clocks

– Wireless Clocks

Services Provided

Wireless Clocks

Acacais Community Primary School is based in Manchester. Their ethos is to provide our children with a broad, balanced & differentiated curriculum,  to encourage our children to achieve their potential, to respond to the needs of each child, so that they may have the opportunity for full social, physical, moral and spiritual development, to develop an effective partnership with parents and carers, to ensure equal opportunities, where individuals with different needs, beliefs, disabilities, race and gender work together in harmony and to encourage care and respect for each other and our surroundings.

“We installed our Auto Time System in 2016 and haven’t looked back. The installation was done efficiently and the clocks do exactly what we need (all tell the same time!). We recently encountered a strange blip with our outside clocks. Autotime systems responded within hours to our request for help and when it couldn’t be resolved got an engineer on-site the next day who resolved the problem. Such customer service couldn’t be faulted and I would recommend them without hesitation”

Mrs Stansfield

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