Our System Can Look After Your Schools Critical Incident Procedure

Having a Critical Incident Procedure

It is good practise for Schools, Colleges and Businesses to have a Critical Incident Procedure in place to allow for clear and precise routine to happen should such an occasion occur.

A critical incident refers to a sudden, unexpected occurrence that puts a person or people’s safety at risk. The incident falls outside of the range of a Business or School’s day today running. If the critical incident goes unaddressed, it may lead to injury or death.

With our Bodet Harmony system you can put a strong and clear message, internally or externally to your premises in an instant. The new Trio speaker does this in three ways:

  • Visual scrolling message of the warning.
  • Visual white flashing light to attract attention.
  • Audio pre-recorded message spoken through the speaker.

You can raise the alarm in several ways to:

  • Microphone / PA System

  • Pre-recorded message at the touch of a button

  • Remote control fob

  • Using a mobile phone

Your Critical Incident Procedure can be broadcasted through our range of harmony intelligent sounders, which are available for internal and external usage.

Create a alert through our LED messaging & Time Display Sounders We also have LED flashing beacons which can also be used to create a silent internal or external alert.

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School Safe Distancing Solutions

Our School safe distancing solutions allow you to record and play important announcements to your school children, pupils and students to remember to safe distance when they are moving round the school, or taking breaks or leaving for the day from school though our range of harmony speakers or our public address solutions.

Our safe distancing systems come complete with software to allow you to record a unique tone or a piece of music along with the headteachers voice-over reminding purples to safe distance.

Our systems help remind staff and pupils to maintain safe distances from other pupils when walking round the school.

Our School safe distancing systems also allow you to control class change. E.g same year pupils could have staggered breaks and lunch times if needed, as well  as different years also having staggered times.

The auto time systems alert system is perfect for use in any type of school nursery, reception infant, junior and high school as the staggered break time announcements can be tailored to the school age group.
we have some schools that have the music from the Frozen movie playing then the headteacher announcement for class change – which helps with social distancing.

How does our School safe distancing solutions work

Firstly we have install a  change piece of software which is enables you to upload all your class change and staggered class change and break time announcements to.

Our system software then connects to our intelligent ip / Poe speakers which store your class / change  announcements.

Each speaker can store 30 announcement alert messages on, these have a loud volume up to 90db for internal speakers and external speaker come with a twin horn so messages can be broadcasted in two directions and the volume is 110db which is very loud.

Each speaker has its own volume control and can be addressable via our range of PA microphones.

Our installations really simple as each speaker just needs a network point –  our speakers sit comfortably on the school network to work.  School IT welcomes the fact that our  systems don’t take up hardly any computer bandwidth  as small packets of data is sent out to each speaker to tell it what and when to play your class change announcements. -Simple.

Our school class change system also is perfect for putting your school into lockdown in the event of an incident taking place – We supply a free app which can be down loaded on to each staff member’s phone. So a lockdown can be controlled.

If you already have a PA system?

Our hardware can connect directly into your public address system to broadcast your messages on time.

Stagger Your Class Change & Breaks – And Return To School Safely With Our Alert Class Change Systems

Our Alert Systems Make it Simple to Manage Staggered Class Change Times.

The past few months have been a very uncertain and unfamiliar time. Now as more and more schools are preparing to open and welcome their pupils back,  we can help you start moving towards a new normal.

Make the new normal as safe as possible for your staff and pupils by introducing one of our school class change & alert systems.  Our alert systems are simple to setup and manage.

Firstly, we have an alert control unit which is wall or server rack mounted. This comes with a class change software, with an easy to use outlook style calendar to plan your class change and stay alert announcements.

Then to automatically broadcast a pre-recorded school voice over for class change of your choice or to voice over an alert, you then need to add one of the ranges of sounders below into your school.

We have 2 ranges of class change sounders:

Wireless Sounders Melody Range – these can :

Broadcast a teachers voice-over or music at specified times.

These sounders can also be zoned into school areas e.g. Math’s & Science Blocks, or Lower School and Upper School.

You can record your own announcements  for example, “Good Morning Students- please report to your form room and remember to keep a safe distance.”

Prevent overcrowding with scheduled automatic messages e.g.

“Year 9 & 10 please vacate school from front of building and Years 11 & 12 please vacate through side entrance”.

Lockdown Alert message can be broadcasted at the press of a button

“Dangerous Dog Please Stay In Class Room”

“Students, remember to maintain SAFE Distancing in the playground”

Network Sounders Harmony Range -these can :

Broadcast a teachers voice over or music can be zoned eg KS1 and KS2, or Lower School and Upper School.

Good Morning Children please report to your class room and keep safe and safe distance.

Stop Overcrowding with scheduled automatic messages e.g.

Years 11 & 12 please vacate school from front of building and Years 13 & 14 please vacate through side entrance.

Lockdown Alert message can be broadcasted at the press of a button

Dangerous Dog Stay In Class Room

Maintain SAFE Distancing in the playground

Also this system features a 8 or 15 zone network microphone so you can get a live voice message across.

Call us today for a FREE demonstration and get your school ready for safe distancing and staggered class change and break times. 

Automatic Alert & Safe Distancing Announcement System

Special Offer – Wireless Automatic Alert & Safe Distancing Announcement Systems 

Complete System From £1050+VAT OR SCHOOL OPERATING LEASE £8.40 per week 

School closures – PM refuses to rule it out

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not ruled out school closures amid the Corona Virus pandemic.

Speaking at the daily news conference (Tue 17th Mar), he stated that he “completely” understood the desires of parents for schools to shut down.

The PMs statements come as a teachers union has warned of a “rising sense of panic” surrounding schools.

NASUWT, representing headteachers and teachers, has called for the government to clearer guidance on how schools should proceed at this time of crisis.

To read this article in full please click here.

Source: Express online publication.

Calderdale School put into LOCKDOWN

Police put a school into Lock down after a local disturbance involving four men, after responding to reports on Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe, close to Lightcliffe Academy.

Posting on social media, the school tweeted – “Due to an incident that was unrelated to the school, the police advised we keep all students inside, this is called an invacuation. The police have now advised that this is under control and this has been lifted.”

Two men were later arrested at the scene.

To find out more information about how our unique School Lockdown System can broadcast VOCAL invacuation messages around an entire school or college (indoor & outdoor) by the press of a button, a remote control key fob or even our unique mobile phone or desktop App, please click here.

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Source: Halifax Courier online publication.

“Horror” over stabbing of teenager on netball court

Rainhill High School was today on lock down following a horrific incident on a school netball court.

Police and emergency services were rushed to the school shortly after 14:40, following reports that a 14 year old boy had been assaulted.

Following the incident, the offenders, who were described by police as being “two boys not from the school”, fled the scene.

Later, three boys aged 14, 13 and 11 were arrested on suspicion of assault.

Supt Garvey-Jones from Merseyside Police said – “I would like to emphasise that knife crime will not be tolerated under any circumstances anywhere on the streets of merseyside, let alone inside the grounds of a school“.

Our unique school lock down solution can broadcast instant alert messages site-wide (indoor & outdoor) in the event of such security situations in schools. This can be achieved by the push of a button, a remote control key fob or even from our unique mobile phone app.

To find out more about how our Lockdown System works, please follow the link here.

To read this article in full, please follow the link here.

Source: The Liverpool Echo online publication.

Will Corona Virus stop GCSEs & A-Levels?

‘Coronavirus could throw schools into chaos by locking down classrooms for months and potentially derailing GCSE and A-Level exams’.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told families that temporary school closures and cancelling big events are at the heart of his ’12 week battle plan’.

Britain’s top doctor Professor Chris Witty added that ”there is no evidence that children are particularly badly effected by the virus, in fact quite the other way”.

To find out more about how our unique Lockdown Systems can send instant messages around a school at the press of a button, please follow the link here.

To read more about the article including Boris’ ‘battle plan’, please click here.

Source: the sun Online Publication

Wirral Primary School in Lockdown

A primary school in Merseyside was evacuated as emergency services attended a nearby house after a man with a knife was ”making threats”.

Police were called to the house in Wallasey, when neighbours and Egremont Primary School was evacuated.

The man was thought to have forced his way into the house and was threatening to cause a gas explosion.

You can read more about how our unique School Lockdown Solution can send alert messages around site at the push of button by following the link here.

You can also read more about the article by clicking here.

Source: Express online publication.

Developing Dynamic Lockdown guidance note

NaCTSO (National Counter Terroism Security Office) & NPCC (National Police Chiefs’ Council) released a guidance note on Developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures.

This note gives guidance on how to develop procedures in response to a fast moving incident at a site or in the immediate  vicinity.

The guidance also notes how to achieve dynamic lock down, as well as how to let people know what’s happening during a lockdown. This includes having a dedicated lockdown alarm tone

The Lock Down Systems that we provide are unique and purpose built for dealing with a lockdown situation. You can set off a site wide alarm tone or even vocal message to let people know exactly what is happening around a site, as well as getting live messages broadcast on the attached P.A System.

To read this Guidance Note in full, you can follow the link here.

To find out more about unique fit for purpose lockdown systems, please follow the link here.

Stockport Primary having our system installed

During the half term holiday this week, our engineers will be working tirelessly installing our unique Harmony School Bell, Synchronised Clock & Lockdown System into Prospect Vale Primary School in Stockport.

The school felt it was the perfect option for their requirements as it ticked so many boxes.

When the install is complete, look out for a case study from the school here!

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Teenagers stabbed outside Widnes College

Police have closed a road outside of Widnes College after two teenagers were stabbed.

Emergency Services were rushed to the scene outside of the college, where two 16 year old boys were found with serious injuries.

Both boys were taken to Aintree Hospital with serious but none life threatening injuries.

As of yet, no arrests have been made.

Some students reported a large gang fight on the campus car park.

The following day, the College was ‘operating as normal’.

To find out about how our unique lockdown solution can broadcast live alert messages around a school site, please follow this link here.

To read more about this article, please click here.

Source: Cheshire Live online publication.

Stoke school goes in Lockdown

A high school in Stoke-on-Trent was put into Lockdown after a suspicious man was seen in the school grounds.

Pupils had to remain inside as the site was locked up in the interests of safety.

One worried parent told how the man tried to get inside the school.

The latest lock down came after police beefed up patrols in the area to tackle gangs and teens causing general trouble outside.

To read more about this article please click here.

To find out how our unique system can get vocal alert messages around site, including to outdoor sounders, please click here.

Source: Stokeontrent Live online publication.