Equipment Installed

-ATS Masterclock System

-School Lockdown System

-School Bell Class Change System

-Indoor Speakers

-Outdoor Speakers


School Website



Services Provided

Wireless Clocks

After we completed the installation of the Masterclock System at Boothroyd Primary Academy, we received the following reiew:

“We had the ATS Masterclock System installed almost one year ago. Whilst it was a significant investment at the time, I can safely say that it is definitely worthwhile and we wouldn’t be without it now!

The automatic School Bell Class Change System is easy to use and different sounds and tones can be heard in different parts of the building reminding pupils of lessons/ lunchtime etc.

The facility to be able to make announcements over the Public Address System Microphone is extremely useful and used for a variety of reasons from requesting the Site Manager to come to reception, to letting the children know it’s wet play and even to say that someone is blocking the car park!

We have also recently introduced a message to declare that school is in lock down and the children have practiced an ‘invacuation procedure’. This is something we were not able to do prior to installing the system.

Finally, we also use the speakers to play music at break times and have a school juke box! The children, particularly in KS2 pupils love being able to request a song and dancing to it on the playground!”.

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